Revolutionary Programs for Students: Now any student gets into top universities and destroys the wall of their financial situation. You don't need to hire costly counselors just for these services  

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College Essay Review/Editing
Fees - INR 600

There are many college essay editing services. They are very costly and just do their work without knowing you properly, but we are not here to do business. We want to help each student. In reality, we are investing 40 times more time in your essay editing. We have meetings and chats, and try to understand you and your profile, future major, and extracurriculars. Then we write and edit your essays. According to some of my students, we are providing the best service in the world 

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Passport Consultancy
Fees - INR 300

We will help you with your overall application and, believe me, you will say thanks to us for helping, because without us you may make some mistakes and also spend unnecessary costs.

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Letter of Recommendation 
Fees - INR 500

In India, most teachers didn't know about letters of recommendation, and if you ask them to write the LOR, they just write a simple letter and use some common words like "that student is brilliant," "good in studies," "hardworking," etc., and these kinds of LOR decrease your chances of acceptance. So we have come up with a revolutionary program where we help you with your LOR's by reviewing, editing, and making them professional and attractive because we know which type of LOR universities like the most.

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High School Transcript Making
Fees - INR 400

Transcripts are a must for your college application. If you don't know how to get a transcript from school and make it on your own at no cost, then this program is highly recommended for you. We will help you with transcript making. We will contact your school and also explain all the necessary details. Without our guidance, it takes time and sometimes students miss the deadline.

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English Speaking Club
Fees - Free

Time to take the first step toward your study abroad dreams, daily speaking sessions from 6:00 pm to 6:45 pm

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Common App 
Fees - INR 600

Sometimes students don't know but they make some common mistakes. We are experienced with these mistakes and know that the Common App is the most important factor for your selection at top universities. In this program, we will help you complete your common app as soon as possible. We will try to increase your chances by 20% to 30%.

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Vardaan Roadmap 
Fees - INR 1199

For the first time, we are launching this life-changing program where we provide you with the world's best roadmap which helps you to get into top universities

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Get Your University List
Fees - INR 800

For the first time, we are launching this life-changing program where we provide you with the world's best universities list according to your profile financial situation

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International Summer Program Counselor
Fees - INR 2000

There are many summer programs like YYGS, TASP, RSI, and if you are chosen for any of them, it increases your chances of getting into some of the world's best universities, such as MIT, Harvard, Stanford, and Yale, which are not easy to get into and require a good guide or counselor to help you achieve your goals. There is no single counselor for summer programs in India, so we are launching this program to fill this gap.



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