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Achieving Goals


This project was an idea of a student who knew how to execute it but didn't have a team nor financial support. We provided him with both. We raised funds for his start-up and worked wit him personally to start it. This project helps dogs, by providing food, glowing bands( to prevent them from accident due to low visibility)

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Have you visited this website? Are you willing to study abroad at a top university? If yes, this is for you. We ourselves have missed many opportunities due to a lack of information. So, we created this one-stop solution for all capable and motivated students.



Are you a student studying in an Indian school? Then, you can completely relate to this. Our education system is based on theory more than practical which is a major drawback of it. Moreover, there is a rat race going on in which there is no extracurricular or any other productive activity. Starting an NGO is a tough job with money to invest. But, with our help, you can also do it.



As you can see in the newspaper that the frequency of wildfires is increasing day by day. So this was a small step towards our mother nature. This student had an idea, we helped him to turn this into reality.

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Who doesn't like the night sky with millions of stars? Millions of people are excited to see the unblemished night sky from another planet, with no light pollution from cities, no flashing aircraft, and no significant satellite presence. Small measures result in big change. Following this, our students have made an impact in our environment.

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If you are a kind-hearted person, then this is for you. In this, we are providing food and essential things to poor and homeless people.

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A non-profit organization that works on environmental issues around the world. Collaborated with 3 organizations, working on modern issues related to mother nature

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A non-profit organization that works to spread awareness and mainly focus on international students, published books, create social media content and distributing books, stationary things, etc.

Students in Classroom

JoggingToCountryside club

This club promotes fitness and health while also raising funds to help low-income students with their studies. The club members run or jog to nearby villages around Mohnish's hometown, which not only provides an opportunity for exercise but also allows them to explore and appreciate the surrounding countryside.

Through a successful fundraising event, the club was able to collect 20,000 INR (243 USD) from local people as donations. This is a testament to the community support and the good work being done by the club.

Overall, the JoggingToCountryside club is a great initiative that benefits both the members and the community. Mohnish's dedication and hard work in founding and running this club are truly commendable.

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