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Ashlesha Verma


Congratulations to Ashlesha for completing this internship successfully.


Throughout her time with us, she exhibited outstanding coding abilities and a willingness to learn new technologies. She demonstrated a firm understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Her ability to solve technical issues efficiently and effectively was impressive.

She contributions were essential to the success of our team and the completion of several web development projects. She was a valuable asset to the team, always eager to lend a hand to her colleagues, and consistently demonstrated a positive attitude. Her enthusiasm for tackling new challenges was truly commendable.

Based on her remarkable performance as an intern, I highly recommend her for any future web development opportunities. She has the expertise and skills required to excel in any role and make meaningful contributions to any organization. She is a diligent worker with a strong work ethic, and her positive attitude and willingness to learn and grow make her an asset to any team.

Ashlesha Verma
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