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Ayush Raj

Social media Handling / Outreaching

Congratulations to Ayush for completing this internship successfully.


He has been working for two months as a social media manager and leading the outreach team in our Cross the Skylimits.

He is really, really good at his work; sometimes he gets stuck, but his ability to find solutions is pretty impressive; he takes time, but, after seeing his work, it's totally understandable; he is curious and hungry for doing something impactful; he is a student who does his work and never wastes time on social media, but for the last 2 months he has been active on social media only for this internship, and he said he has learned a lot compared to his friends who are mostly active on social media; he is always dedicated to his responsibilities; he is mature and always suggests the best possible solutions.

Ayush Raj
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