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Erick Li Li

Web Development

Congartulation to Erick for completing this internship.


He is a web developer intern who works tirelessly to go beyond expectations. He is extremely motivated. He has shown throughout his internship that he has a strong capacity for fast learning, adaptability, and teamwork. He consistently adheres to deadlines, shows initiative, and is ready to go above and beyond to make sure that his projects are successful.

His technical expertise in web creation is one of his main advantages. He has a strong command of programming languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and a talent for coming up with elegant answers to challenging issues. His websites from his internship show off his creativity and attention to detail and are both aesthetically pleasing and very useful.

He even got into YYGS due to his passion to work. His presentation style is very unique and he always presents his best.

Erick Li Li
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