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Md Asrar

Content Creation

Congratulations to Asrar for completing this internship successfully.


He has been working for 2 months as a content creator in our Cross the Skylimits program, mostly on work related to summer programs, psychological content, social media posts, and videos.

All of his work is done with full dedication and hard work. In my life, I just see 5–6 students like Asrar. He is capable of doing anything without any proper facilities. He didn't have a PC or laptop, but this never affected his work. He used his friend's laptop and sometimes completed his work from a computer cafe. The most impressive thing is that he never said, "Sir, I don't have this, and I'm unable to do this." He always says, "Sir, I can do anything," and trust me, his perseverance is outstanding." He learns anything fast compared to other members. He is always on time with quality content. He is creative; his social media posts are eye-catching and attractive; and he uses information in a proper and creative manner.

Md Asrar
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